Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just so all you know in addition to all of those mistakes I mentioned in my last post, I walked around all day today with purple highlighted hair. This color was the old lady purplish gray. Ok it really was more gray than purple but for my own sake I rather say purple because it may make me feel a little bit like a hipster. (By the way my freshman year of college I dyed the bottom layer of my hair a deep purple color. I didn't mention it as a mistake because... again... purple hair makes me feel cool.)

I dyed my hair myself because I had highlights that were showing my roots so bad I looked like straight up white trash. Well, I am not sure gray highlights are any better but still. Maybe it is a little because I am lazy but really I just didn't give a shit so I didn't fix my hair last night. Why the hell not just make light of my situation of purple (gray) hair. So I wore a dress today that is black, white, and purple. Yes, purple! No, I don't have any obsession with the color or anything. So my hair slightly matched my outfit today. It really happened. 

I didn't take a picture (sorry everyone) but it really wasn't that noticeable. So unless you came to the Country Gentleman or ran into me at Wal-Mart today (while buying more hair dye) you didn't have the pleasure of seeing the hair. So now, incase you were wondering, I have a nice brunette color. And maybe I will wear something brown tomorrow just to match my hair for a second day in a row. Hell yeah


Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad Habits That I Know I Have, But Will Never Break

I realize many of my bad habits. Some of them I choose to correct and some of them I knowingly keep. Some of these habits are more detrimental than others. One perfect example of a seemingly innocent bad habit is how I keep eating the pizza from Topio’s at “Pav”.

As a sidenote, for those not familiar with the grounds of the University of Virginia, the “Pav” is a well located area on grounds (campus) that looks like a food court, but is way more expensive because students on the meal plan can pay by carelessly swiping their cards until their meal card soon runs out of money.

I am not on the meal plan, yet in a typical week I find still myself at the “Pav” about 2-4 times. The food is not particularly good, and, as I alluded to before, overpriced. I’ve always had a soft spot for pizza and as my metabolism slows down, I still will probably always have a warm place in my heart that will, unfortunately, continually let pizza in.

Disclaimer: picture was taken at UT-Chat, but it could very easily have been UVA
One can safely assume, I have been to “Topio’s” several times in my life and every time I go, I feel sick afterwards, but I don’t care. I still return to “Topio’s” for the convenience and the fact that it is pizza, even if this particular pizza tastes a little more rubbery than slices I’ve eaten at restaurants of similar caliber. The saddest part is, writing this post will not stop me from eating there. I will probably go to Topio’s tomorrow for a slice of wet bread, overloaded cheese, enough grease to send a rocket to Saturn, unevenly proportioned sauce, and inevitable chest pain. 


I read a lot of articles on Cracked.com. Many of them are hilarious, some dumb, and some just go over my head. I read this article tonight and it made me think about my childhood. If you are too lazy to read it that is fine I will summarize it. It is a guy interviewing his parents on the time he wanted to wear a dress as a child. It is mildly funny but it really just made me think about the crazy choices my parents let me do with my clothing choices.

Here is a highlight of a few of them...

1. Pull-ups. While most little girls want the Pull-ups with the Disney princess on them or just the pink off brand ones. I on the other hand refused those and insisted on the boys Pull-ups. Yes, the blue ones with probably little race cars on them.

2.  My lime green wig and my hot pink wig. In elementary school my mom bought me these two wigs for summer camp. We dressed up at camp a lot and I got good use out of them. Then when I was home for the school year I still wanted to wear them. I once wore one to Blockbuster with Carlile Phillips mortified and Courtney just laughing (along with everyone else) at me. I didn't give a shit. The other time I wore one was again with Carlile (SORRY) when we went to Indianola Academy's homecoming... probably when Louise was on homecoming court or something. I remember watching it in the gym and the theme for homecoming was Retro or something.

3. Again homecoming, my year in the first grade. I saw my brother, who was in the 8th grade, dress up for the different themes. So I went to school in a pleather mini skirt and a white tank. Not sure what the theme was but no one else in the first grade (or the entire elementary for that matter) dressed up. And I thought I looked so good. 

4. The lime green patent leather clogs (as mentioned in the previous post). They were the only pair of shoes I have even whole heartedly never wanted to take off. They were amazing. From Payless and made a lot of noise when I walked... one reason why I loved them. I do like to annoy people sometimes. They were so ugly and everyone made fun of me that summer (another reason why I loved them). They seemed to just disappear at the end of that summer we added on the garage.

5. My French Connection shirt I bought in London. Again I think I bought this shirt to get attention. It was pink and said FCUK (for French Connection United Kingdom) and it was mirrored image so it looked like it says FUCK in big bold letters on my shirt. I wore it home on the plane from London. I was 14 and still don't regret a thing. P.S. I still have this shirt. Kind of a souvenir of that trip now. 

I know there are a lot more but they aren't coming to mind right now. So I will just leave you with those mental images. And thank you Mom for letting me make these great mistakes. They have made me who I am today. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Screw the Barefoot Children

To put it short, this post is about why I fucking hate Toms shoes. Still, I own a pair... in fact I own several pair. So why I hate them? It is simple... the people who buy them.

The place I work sells Toms. We do sell a lot. The starting reason I hate them is selling them. People come in the store and ask where the Toms are when there is a sign right above them that clearly says TOMS. They look for a moment and ask for a size 8 1/2 of the chocolate ones. I go to the back, find them, bring them out... then they decide they want the "metallic tweed" instead. So I then go to the back, find the metallic tweed in a size 8 1/2 and come out with the box. I open the box and remove the little cardboard thing inside each shoe that is hell to pull out because half the time it rips and stays stuck in the shoe.

So they try to fit their foot in the 8 1/2 and realize... they don't wear an 8 1/2. OH NO! So I go back and try a 9 when I know that a 9 is still too small... then we try a 9 1/2 until we finally decide that in fact they wear a size 11. A far cry from an 8 1/2.

The next reason I really hate Toms.... It is pronounced Toms. That is a O in between the T and the M. Not an U. It is NOT pronounced Tums. That is a totally different product. I continue to tell myself that the next person that asks where "dem Tums" are... I will tell them to try Walgreens because we are not a drugstore. We are a clothing store.

I heard someone call them Tum Tum shoes today. That was a new one. Not surprised by it.

So Screw the Barefoot Children... Again... don't get me wrong I love children. I am all about saving the world and whatever. Screw the barefoot children. If this is what I have to go through every day (almost) the children of the world can continue to be barefoot. Hell, I was always barefoot as a child. Granted not by extreme poverty but my choice. I hated wearing shoes. My mother begged me to wear shoes. I always lost my expensive shoes. The only pair I loved was a pair of lime green patent leather clogs from Payless. They were awesome. But regardless I ran around barefoot in the cotton fields behind my house when I was little.

Now, that being said... go buy yourself (another) pair of Toms.


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