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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad Habits That I Know I Have, But Will Never Break

I realize many of my bad habits. Some of them I choose to correct and some of them I knowingly keep. Some of these habits are more detrimental than others. One perfect example of a seemingly innocent bad habit is how I keep eating the pizza from Topio’s at “Pav”.

As a sidenote, for those not familiar with the grounds of the University of Virginia, the “Pav” is a well located area on grounds (campus) that looks like a food court, but is way more expensive because students on the meal plan can pay by carelessly swiping their cards until their meal card soon runs out of money.

I am not on the meal plan, yet in a typical week I find still myself at the “Pav” about 2-4 times. The food is not particularly good, and, as I alluded to before, overpriced. I’ve always had a soft spot for pizza and as my metabolism slows down, I still will probably always have a warm place in my heart that will, unfortunately, continually let pizza in.

Disclaimer: picture was taken at UT-Chat, but it could very easily have been UVA
One can safely assume, I have been to “Topio’s” several times in my life and every time I go, I feel sick afterwards, but I don’t care. I still return to “Topio’s” for the convenience and the fact that it is pizza, even if this particular pizza tastes a little more rubbery than slices I’ve eaten at restaurants of similar caliber. The saddest part is, writing this post will not stop me from eating there. I will probably go to Topio’s tomorrow for a slice of wet bread, overloaded cheese, enough grease to send a rocket to Saturn, unevenly proportioned sauce, and inevitable chest pain. 

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  1. One time you ate an entire large pizza before Sydna had even finished a bagel! I miss how ridiculous you are!


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