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Monday, September 19, 2011


I read a lot of articles on Many of them are hilarious, some dumb, and some just go over my head. I read this article tonight and it made me think about my childhood. If you are too lazy to read it that is fine I will summarize it. It is a guy interviewing his parents on the time he wanted to wear a dress as a child. It is mildly funny but it really just made me think about the crazy choices my parents let me do with my clothing choices.

Here is a highlight of a few of them...

1. Pull-ups. While most little girls want the Pull-ups with the Disney princess on them or just the pink off brand ones. I on the other hand refused those and insisted on the boys Pull-ups. Yes, the blue ones with probably little race cars on them.

2.  My lime green wig and my hot pink wig. In elementary school my mom bought me these two wigs for summer camp. We dressed up at camp a lot and I got good use out of them. Then when I was home for the school year I still wanted to wear them. I once wore one to Blockbuster with Carlile Phillips mortified and Courtney just laughing (along with everyone else) at me. I didn't give a shit. The other time I wore one was again with Carlile (SORRY) when we went to Indianola Academy's homecoming... probably when Louise was on homecoming court or something. I remember watching it in the gym and the theme for homecoming was Retro or something.

3. Again homecoming, my year in the first grade. I saw my brother, who was in the 8th grade, dress up for the different themes. So I went to school in a pleather mini skirt and a white tank. Not sure what the theme was but no one else in the first grade (or the entire elementary for that matter) dressed up. And I thought I looked so good. 

4. The lime green patent leather clogs (as mentioned in the previous post). They were the only pair of shoes I have even whole heartedly never wanted to take off. They were amazing. From Payless and made a lot of noise when I walked... one reason why I loved them. I do like to annoy people sometimes. They were so ugly and everyone made fun of me that summer (another reason why I loved them). They seemed to just disappear at the end of that summer we added on the garage.

5. My French Connection shirt I bought in London. Again I think I bought this shirt to get attention. It was pink and said FCUK (for French Connection United Kingdom) and it was mirrored image so it looked like it says FUCK in big bold letters on my shirt. I wore it home on the plane from London. I was 14 and still don't regret a thing. P.S. I still have this shirt. Kind of a souvenir of that trip now. 

I know there are a lot more but they aren't coming to mind right now. So I will just leave you with those mental images. And thank you Mom for letting me make these great mistakes. They have made me who I am today. 



  1. I remember most of those "great mistakes!" And was proud of your awesomeness then, as now! ----Mel

  2. Martha WeissingerTue Sep 20, 08:56:00 PM

    You are welcome. I love you, Molly. You are one of a kind!

  3. Hahahaha i remember so much of this! If I had to go through all the stupid stuff I wore, and the girly stuff I REFUSED TO WEAR the list would be never ending... Just ask my mother what I use to do with the Barbies she loved to buy me so much... We will probably have little girls that live and breathe pink, ponies, cute clothes, and good hair styles... Please Lawd help us Molly hahaha

    I have the FCUK shirt too!!


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