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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just so all you know in addition to all of those mistakes I mentioned in my last post, I walked around all day today with purple highlighted hair. This color was the old lady purplish gray. Ok it really was more gray than purple but for my own sake I rather say purple because it may make me feel a little bit like a hipster. (By the way my freshman year of college I dyed the bottom layer of my hair a deep purple color. I didn't mention it as a mistake because... again... purple hair makes me feel cool.)

I dyed my hair myself because I had highlights that were showing my roots so bad I looked like straight up white trash. Well, I am not sure gray highlights are any better but still. Maybe it is a little because I am lazy but really I just didn't give a shit so I didn't fix my hair last night. Why the hell not just make light of my situation of purple (gray) hair. So I wore a dress today that is black, white, and purple. Yes, purple! No, I don't have any obsession with the color or anything. So my hair slightly matched my outfit today. It really happened. 

I didn't take a picture (sorry everyone) but it really wasn't that noticeable. So unless you came to the Country Gentleman or ran into me at Wal-Mart today (while buying more hair dye) you didn't have the pleasure of seeing the hair. So now, incase you were wondering, I have a nice brunette color. And maybe I will wear something brown tomorrow just to match my hair for a second day in a row. Hell yeah



  1. Just so you know, she did wear a matching brown outfit the next day. And she is looking ever so much less like white trash.


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