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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Screw the Barefoot Children

To put it short, this post is about why I fucking hate Toms shoes. Still, I own a pair... in fact I own several pair. So why I hate them? It is simple... the people who buy them.

The place I work sells Toms. We do sell a lot. The starting reason I hate them is selling them. People come in the store and ask where the Toms are when there is a sign right above them that clearly says TOMS. They look for a moment and ask for a size 8 1/2 of the chocolate ones. I go to the back, find them, bring them out... then they decide they want the "metallic tweed" instead. So I then go to the back, find the metallic tweed in a size 8 1/2 and come out with the box. I open the box and remove the little cardboard thing inside each shoe that is hell to pull out because half the time it rips and stays stuck in the shoe.

So they try to fit their foot in the 8 1/2 and realize... they don't wear an 8 1/2. OH NO! So I go back and try a 9 when I know that a 9 is still too small... then we try a 9 1/2 until we finally decide that in fact they wear a size 11. A far cry from an 8 1/2.

The next reason I really hate Toms.... It is pronounced Toms. That is a O in between the T and the M. Not an U. It is NOT pronounced Tums. That is a totally different product. I continue to tell myself that the next person that asks where "dem Tums" are... I will tell them to try Walgreens because we are not a drugstore. We are a clothing store.

I heard someone call them Tum Tum shoes today. That was a new one. Not surprised by it.

So Screw the Barefoot Children... Again... don't get me wrong I love children. I am all about saving the world and whatever. Screw the barefoot children. If this is what I have to go through every day (almost) the children of the world can continue to be barefoot. Hell, I was always barefoot as a child. Granted not by extreme poverty but my choice. I hated wearing shoes. My mother begged me to wear shoes. I always lost my expensive shoes. The only pair I loved was a pair of lime green patent leather clogs from Payless. They were awesome. But regardless I ran around barefoot in the cotton fields behind my house when I was little.

Now, that being said... go buy yourself (another) pair of Toms.


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  1. What i find hilarious is that you were one of the first people to have toms then everyone started getting them and now look at this"??? haha i totally understand dem families come up in da sport centa and be askin for all the wrong sizes... den we do have the ones they want and its all my fault.... oh im sorry but do you think the kids care what color they get?? SCREW THE BAREFOOT CHILDREN!


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