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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Simple Things

Sometimes it is hard to take a moment in your day and be joyful by a simple thing. When I do it seems so trivial but it makes me smile. I had one today...

After class this morning I was early for work and well hungry. I stopped by Shipley's Do Nuts. It is such a struggle to limit yourself once you smell that deliciousness of plain glazed. I walked in and went up to the worn in floor and ask for a dozen holes. The dough nut holes are bite size sugary awesomeness and will melt in your mouth if you just so happen to get warm ones. My $3.25 went to a great cause.

I ate each hole one at a time counting once at work (ok I had some in the car too because I just can't help myself). 16. SIXTEEN! They gave me 4 EXTRA dough nuts!! I ASKED FOR 12 AND GOT 16! This is better than finding that tater tot in your french fries. I mean extra dough nuts. Some of the holes were stuck together when going threw that sugary bath. So when grabbing my "dozen" holes she counted the ones with two stuck together as just one dough nut. GREAT BY ME! I would have taken a picture of my glorious extra dough nuts but well... I was um... too busy counting. OK OK I can't control myself. Fine. I admit it.

Thank you Shipley's Do Nuts in Greenville Mississippi on the corner of Hwy 1 and Reed Road. You are the BEST! (Not to mention the best Shipley's ever... possibly because the wonderful brown Greenville water.)

So my friends, I ask of you today.... eh... well maybe tomorrow... take a moment and find a simple thing in your day that really honestly made you smile. I mean, there is nothing like getting surprise extra dough nut holes.

Molly Weissinger

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