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Monday, January 16, 2012

South Is Superior

I was looking over the stats of our little blog here and I noticed that the number 1 search key word is 'south is superior'. Well, that makes me want to answer this for you. So here are just a few reasons why the South is superior. In no particular order.

- football
- Forrest Gump
- the word ain't
- the phrase fixin' to
- great manners
- class
- flip flops year round
- magnolias
- major celebration of Fofa (fourth of July)
- the word Fofa
- front porches
- the love of pearls
- having everything from pillows to swimsuits to car windows monogrammed
- redneck not being a derogatory and possibly being a bit of a compliment
- big trucks
- camouflage
- camouflage made for girls. Normal camo with pink lining and trim.
- hunting
- girls that hunt
- girls that can shoot better than the boys in her class
- big hair (and not just in Texas) The higher the hair, the closer to God.
- antebellum homes
- plantations (yes actual running plantation-- no slavery. just a fancy name for an old farm)
- tractors
- tractors being a status symbol. John Deere means you are a well off farmer. Plus bigger is better.
- all the pretty girls
- the cute country boys
- the fact that all the boys are handy and there is no need to hire people when your man can fix anything.
- our accents
- mint juleps
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- our poor grammar
- Elvis
- Johnny Cash
- John Prine
- Mark Twain
- William Faulkner
- Allman Brothers Band
- ZZ Top
- Hank Williams
- Willy Nelson
- Afro man
- Dolly Parton
- Bourbon Street
- Mardi Gras in New Orleans
- social acceptance of alcoholism
- all country music
- extreme patriotism
- moon shine
- Steel Magnolias
- Disney World
- Dollywood
- alligator hunting
- squirrel hunting
- hog hunting
- Jack Daniels
- deep fried... everything
- the smell of fried dill pickles
- hunting camps being a second home. Who needs a lake house, beach house, or whatever?!
- hunting camps as a status symbol
- extreme loyalty to the South
- swamp pop
- barbeque
- Southern Comfort
- catfish
- old way of life
- crazy christians
- grits
- Coca-cola
- RC cola
- the Saints (WHO DAT)
- the cowboys
- the braves
- Driving Miss Daisy
- dirt roads
- gargantuan mosquitos
- pecans
- the "deep south"
and last but CERTAINLY not least....

If you can think of more that I am leaving off... please let me know!

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